What Does Bad Steak Look Like (Visually)

spoiled steak

What does bad steak look like? Well, it’s pretty easy to tell from steak’s appearance if it’s gone bad. If a steak is discolored, looks suspiciously dry, or if it’s slimy, these are sure signs that the steak is spoiled.

I’ll walk you through 3 main signs of bad-looking steak. It’s also essential to store steak properly to prevent it from going bad before the expiration date. At the end of the article, there’s a section dedicated to steak storing.

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3 Signs Of a Bad Looking Steak

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Often, steak goes bad if it’s past its expiration date or not stored properly. You can check if a steak is bad from its appearance. Here are the main signs you should look out for:

Steak is Discolored

Whenever the steak is bad, it turns brown or grey. When proteins in meat start to break down, the steak discoloration process occurs. The cause of steak discoloration is oxygen (the process is called oxidation). When meat is exposed to oxygen for too long, it causes steak to go bad. It’s essential to store meat properly in an air-tight container. It’ll prevent the beef from changing color and spoiling quicker than it should.

Steak Looks Dry

Usually, spoiled steak looks dry. The moisture in the meat evaporates and causes proteins to break down. The steak is dry and hard to the touch. Weirdly enough, it can resemble a dry-aged steak; however, it is not. If you’re not sure the steak is bad, always smell it. Spoiled steak smells bad.

Steak Looks Slimy

A spoiled steak is slimy and slippery to the touch. The slimy film is noticeable on the steak’s surface. It has a sheen with a slightly yellowish hue. Unfortunately, if you think you can wash the steak and it’s as good as a fresh one, that’s not exactly so. The slime on the steak’s surface is bacteria. You’ll notice the mold growing on the steak within a few days if it’s left in the fridge with a slimy film. It’s a sign that steak has absorbed the bacteria and is no longer safe to consume.

How To Store Steak Properly To Prevent From Spoiling

To prevent the steak from spoiling, you should keep the steak in an air-tight contain or vacuum sealed bag. Keeping your refrigerator at 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit is essential. It’s an optimal temperature for storing food and keeping it from spoiling. Keep the meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge. If the steak gets spoiled, keeping it on a bottom shelf will prevent it from contaminating the rest of your food


Is brown steak bad?

Steak turns brown when exposed to oxygen. The process is called oxidation, which is not a sure sign that the steak is spoiled. The meat may be spoiled if it’s brown and has a slimy texture. Try to smell it. If it smells bad, throw it away because it’s not safe to eat.

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