Ribeye vs. New York Strip

new york strip steak and ribeye steak

There are so many different steak cuts to choose from. It can be overwhelming for an average home cook to go to a butcher shop and get a slice of good quality meat. To buy a good steak, you need to have at least a basic understanding of what makes steak cut great and which ones are better to avoid.

Fortunately, both New York strip and ribeye steaks are premium steaks. They both have a rich beefy flavor, and both are tender. In fact, most will find it hard to choose between ribeye and NY strip steak. It all comes down to personal preference – one is slightly more flavorful while the other is more tender and less expensive (talking pennies here).

Read the article to learn everything you need to know about New York strip vs. ribeye.

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What is a Ribeye Steak

what is a ribeye steak

What Part of the Cow Does Ribeye Come FromRibeye is a steak cut that comes from the primal section called the beef rib along the upper rib cage. It’s located between the chuck and the loin area. It has an abundant fat content and has a longissimus dorsi muscle running through the steak. The muscle gets very little exercise; therefore, it’s an exceptionally tender steak cut. There’s boneless ribeye and bone-in ribeye, which is more common in most places.

How Does it Taste Like – Ribeye steaks contain a lot of marbling. It has a rich flavor that is hard to resist. Not many steaks can compete with ribeye in this regard. The more marbling the steak has, the more juicy and flavorful it is.

The Texture of the Steak – Ribeye has a smooth texture. The central eye of the ribeye steak has a finer grain, while the spinalis section has a looser grain. Most steak lovers and experts describe this fantastic cut of meat as having a buttery smooth texture.

How To Cook Ribeye Steak – The best cooking method for a ribeye steak is on a cast-iron skillet on a charcoal grill or reverse sear method. If you have a thick steak (2 inches thick bone-in ribeye), broiling is a great way to cook the steak properly. Bone-in ribeye is slightly more challenging to cook because meat toward the bone cooks slower; therefore, it cooks unevenly. Make sure to use the meat thermometer to avoid overcooking the steak. Here’s a steak doneness guide.

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How Much Does it Cost – Ribeye steak can cost anywhere between $13/lb to $15/lb. Depending on the time of the year and a supplier, you can expect to pay even more than that.

Where Can You Buy Ribeye Steak – Ribeye is readily available at most supermarkets, butcher shops, and specialized online stores.

Also Known As – Depending on a state and country, ribeye steak is also known as beauty steak, Delmonico steak, cowboy cut, or spencer steak. Meanwhile french refer to it as entrecote, while in the land down under (Australia) and New Zealand, they refer to the ribeye as scotch fillet.

What is a New York Strip Steak

What is a New York strip steak

What Part of the Cow Does New York Strip Steak Come FromNew York strip steaks come from the top part of the short loin behind the ribs. The primary muscle running through the steak is the longissimus muscle. Since the muscle is little worked, it’s very tender and has a bit of intramuscular fat running throughout the steak, with fat on the edge of the steak.

How Does it Taste Like – Since NY strip steak is not as well-marbled steak cut as the ribeye steak, it doesn’t have quite the same fantastic flavor that ribeye is known for. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not tasty. It has an incredibly rich flavor, and it’s juicy at the same time despite consisting of less fat. It comes from the same muscle group as the ribeye steak – longissimus muscle; therefore, both cuts have a distinct taste.

The texture of the Steak – New York strip steaks has a fine grain texture which is pleasant when cooked properly.

How To Cook NY Strip Steak – The best cooking methods for NY strip steak are grilling and pan-frying. It’s a juicy piece of meat so try not to overcook it; otherwise, it can quickly become dry and chewy. Thick steak gives you room for error, meaning if you leave over a heat source for too long, there’s less chance it’s going to overcook and dry out.

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How Much Does it cost – Keep in mind price may be different depending on the time of the year and supplier, but typically New York strip steak comes at around $13,5/lb to $15,5/lb.

Where Can You Buy Ny Strip Steak – The best place to buy NY strip steak is at your local butcher shop or specialized online store. It’s an expensive steak; therefore, it’s best to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Also Known As – the New York strip in the USA is widely recognized as ambassador steak, Kansas City steak, country club steak, hotel cut steak, contrefilet, and top loin steak. While in Australia and New Zealand, they call it a porterhouse steak or sirloin.

Ribeye vs. NY Strip: Main Differences

NY strip vs Ribeye

Here are the main differences between a ribeye steak and a NY strip:

Flavor and Texture

Because ribeye steak contains more marbling, it has more flavor and is more tender than strip steak. A NY strip has far less marbling and intermuscular fat compared to the ribeye; therefore, it has a slightly beefier flavor and chewier texture.


Ribeye steak comes with more marbling because it’s cut from the area where it doesn’t get much exercise. On the other hand, the strip steak comes from the loin section and has a thick band of fat on the outside. This muscle gets more work done than the one on the ribeye.

Cut Type

Two cuts are coming from the longissimus muscle of the cow. However, ribeye is cut from the upper rib cage while the NY strip comes from the loin portion which is near the rear of the cattle.

Similarities Between Ribeye and NY Strip

Here’re the main similarities between ribeye and the strip steak:

Taste and Tenderness

Since both steak cuts come from the cow’s longissimus muscle, they are incredibly tender and juicy. Ribeye is slightly better in this regard.

Shape and Size

Both cuts are very similar in size and shape, which means that both cuts will easily fit in a frying pan or grill, unlike a large Tomahawk steak.

Cut Type

The most significant similarity between the ribeye vs. new york strip is that both come from the same muscle gr0up called – longissimus.

Conclusion: Which Steak Cut is Better

It’s hard to argue which one is better because it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. Some people prefer lean steak cuts, while others enjoy well-marbled steaks. Both the ribeye and the strip steak are some of the best steak cuts you can buy. Both have great flavor, and both are tender. However, I have to stand by most steak lovers and chefs and agree that ribeye is a slightly better steak cut overall.

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Which is better, a Ribeye or New York Strip?

Overall the ribeye steak is a slightly better option because it has more marbling and is a more tender cut. However NY strip is not far behind, meaning that both are excellent cuts.

Which is more expensive, Ribeye or New York Strip?

New York strip steak is more expensive. However, the price difference between them is pennies.

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