How to Reheat Steak In a Microwave

reheating steak in a microwave

How to reheat steak in a microwave? It’s a quick steak reheating method. Place steak onto a microwave-safe plate, cover with a damp paper towel, and microwave incrementally for 15-20 seconds. Take it out, flip it over and repeat the process until the steak is warm on the inside.

Most believe that reheating steak in the microwave is not ideal since it dries out the meat. Yes, it can certainly happen; however, if you reheat steak properly, it will be nice and juicy. A freshly cooked steak will always be more delicious and tender, so remember that reheated steak will be slightly less enjoyable.

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Best Way To Reheat Steak in The Microwave

Best Way To Reheat Steak in The Microwave

Here’s how to reheat steak in a microwave without drying it out:

  1. Bring steak to room temperature. It’s essential to bring steak to room temperature since it’ll allow for the steak to heat evenly without overcooking;
  2. Place the steak onto a microwave-safe dish or microwave-safe container. Add a few tablespoons of beef stock, or if you do not have stock, a few drops o lukewarm water. It’ll create a moist environment for the steak, which will prevent it from drying out;
  3. Cover the microwave-safe dish or microwave-safe container with a plastic wrap. However, if you want to be environmentally conscious, use a lid or a damp paper towel as a cover for the steak;
  4. Set microwave on a medium power setting and heat the steak incrementally for 15-20 seconds. Take the steak out of the microwave and check the steak’s internal temperature. If it’s not up to temperature cover the steak and cook it once more for 15-20 seconds or until up to at least 115° Fahrenheit;
  5. Once the steak is reheated leave it to rest for about 5 minutes depending on the steak size. The bigger the steak is the more time it needs to rest. Resting the steak will allow for the steak juices to redistribute throughout the interior of the meat making it more tender and juicy.

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How To Store Cooked Steak

Store leftover steak in an airtight container or seal it with a vacuum sealer. Remove as much air as possible to prevent steak spoiling. Place it in a refrigerator that is set to 40°F or less and use it within 3 days. Steak does not last long in a fridge. Have a look at USDA guidelines for food and safety. When storing steak in a freezer make sure to wrap it properly taking out as much air as possible. Steak can last in a freezer for up to 12 months.


Can you reheat cooked steak in the microwave?

Yes, you can reheat cooked steak in the microwave. However, monitor steak’s internal temperature carefully since microwave can overcook steak quickly.

How do you reheat a steak without overcooking it?

To reheat steak without overcooking you need to heat steak incrementally in 15-20 second intervals. Meaning you need to take the steak out of the microwave and check the steak’s internal temperature. And last but not least you need to cover the steak and add some liquid so that the steak remains tender and juicy.

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