How much steak per person to serve?

How much steak per person to serve your guest or family? A golden rule is that 8 ounces of steak per person should be more than enough. However, other factors must be considered before serving a reasonably sized steak. For example, are you having starters or dessert before and after steak? What sides do you serve? Who’s eating the steak? Perhaps it’s an extremely hungry father-in-law or your son after basketball practice?

In this article, I’ll explain how much steak to serve, considering many different things. So, if you want to satisfy everyone at the table without preparing too much food, check the information below.

How much steak is best to serve per person?

  • The minimum stake portion size per person – is 6 ounces;
  • The average steak portion size per person – is 8 ounces;
  • The maximum amount of steak per person – is 12 ounces.

The average steak portion size per person should be around 8 ounces or half a pound of raw meat. For kids, a 6-ounce steak should be more than enough, while for a person with an increased appetite, a 12-ounce steak should keep one happy.

How much steak per person depends on many things

How much steak per person depends on many things
Cooked ribeye steak

There’s no correct answer when it comes to steak size per person. How many pounds one should consume depends on many different factors. Below I’m covering different scenarios and things you should consider before serving steak to friends or family:

What kind of steak you’re cooking?

Are you cooking bone-in or boneless steak? Bone-in ribeye steak weighs more than boneless ribeye steak. It would be best if you considered that before serving meat. The meat loses substantial weight when a bone is removed, leaving you with less meat than anticipated. However, typically bone-in steaks are thicker and hence heavier If that’s not the case, measure how much meat is there in a piece of steak.

Regarding high-satiety foods, lean beef is right there on the top. In simple terms, the same amount of lean steak cut is more satiated than a fatty steak cut. For example, if you’re cooking eight ounces of flank steak, it’s more satiated than 8 ounces of ribeye steak.

Who is eating the steak?

Without knowing how much a person eats, sticking to an average 8-ounce steak per person is more than satisfying. However, reduce the kid’s portion to 6 ounces. Occasionally, one guest or a family member has an increased appetite; if that’s the case, 12 ounces of steak should be more than enough to please them.

Do you have starters, desserts, and other dishes between the main meal?

If having a full menu with snacks, starters, and desserts, it’s better to reduce a steak portion to 6 ounces. When pairing steak with side dishes, be cautious with the amount of sides you put on a plate. Having too much may be overwhelming for most people.

Do you want leftovers?

If you are planning to have leftovers after cooking steak, it’s entirely up to you to decide how much steak per person you should cook. The guidelines above allow you to quickly calculate how many leftovers you’ll have for the next day.


How many people will 1lb of steak feed?

One pound of steak can feed two adults or three children.

How much steak do I need for 10 people?

You should need 80 ounces of steak to feed ten people. Once steak should weigh around 8 ounces.

What is a good portion size for steak?

The good portion size for a steak is 8 ounces. However, it depends from person to person. Kids consume less steak, while people with increased appetite may find 8-ounce steak too small.

Is 6 oz of steak a lot?

6 oz steak is considered a small portion. However, if you have starters and desserts before and after steak dinner,6 oz steak might be enough for most people.

How much ribeye steak per person?

Eight ounces of boneless ribeye steak is more than enough for one person. However, if it's a bone-in ribeye steak, 12 ounces is optimal since it becomes substantially lighter when a bone is removed.

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