How Much is Wagyu Beef Per Pound: Ultimate Guide

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How much is wagyu beef per pound? You’ll need to brace yourself because you’re in for a shock. It’s very expensive meat. Japanese Wagyu is one of the most prized beef cuts money can buy. Kobe beef can easily cost around $250/pound depending on a cut, while A5 Wagyu can cost well over $100/pound.

Since there are American Wagyu and Australian Wagyu beef, so you have more options. In this article, you’ll find prices for Wagyu beef per pound. At the end of the article, you’ll find helpful resources on where you can purchase a good quality Wagyu and how to choose the best quality meat possible.

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Wagyu Beef Prices Per Pound

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American Wagyu Beef Price Per Pound

Prices start at around $65/pound for a top sirloin steak and can go as high as $85/pound for a Tomahawk steak. American Wagyu is a cross-bred between high-quality continental breeds of cow and Japanese cattle. Therefore it’s cheaper than Japanese Wagyu. American Wagyu is packed with unique flavors and has a tender texture; however, Japanese cows are slightly better.

Australian Wagyu Beef Price Per Pound

Prices start at around $180/pound; however, a popular cut like a fillet mignon is quite a bit more expensive, starting at about $420/pound. Australian Wagyu is a breed of high-quality beef raised and developed specifically for the Australian market. Again it’s less expensive than Japanese Wagyu; however, it’s still exceptionally well-marbled beef with fantastic texture and flavor.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Price Per Pound

New York strip steaks start at $260/pound, while ribeye can set you off $500/pound. Wagyu is a Japanese cattle breed. It’s one of the most prized beef in the world. It has an abundance of intramuscular fat cells, making it incredibly tender and flavorful.

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Why is Wagyu Beef So Expensive?

Wagyu steak is expensive because of how it is raised and produced, and has a massive demand for it. Japanese government regulates the industry closely so that it’s up to the standards and meets the expectations. Cattle undergo genetic testing to ensure that they have the best genes to stay in the reproductive lineup. Most Wagyu cows are fed milk by hand, which is highly unusual, and grown-up grazing on an open pasture, unlike most cows raised for supermarkets.

Wagyu Beef Buying Guide

Here’s a short wagyu beef buying guide:

  • Marbling. Wagyu beef is known for its abundance of marbling. It should have loads of fat because that makes it tender and flavorful. Look for a load of intermuscular fat together with little dots of white marbling throughout the steak. However, keep in mind that Japanese Wagyu has quite a bit more marbling than Australian and American Wagyu;
  • Reputable vendor. It’s essential to make sure that the vendor selling Wagyu has a good reputation because, after all, it’s costly, and you want to get your money’s worth. Below there’s a list of reputable vendors that sell good quality Wagyu steaks;
  • Boneless. Wagyu steaks only come boneless. If you’re offered a bone-in cut probably, you’re being scammed.

Here’s where you can buy wagyu beef:

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