About Avant-Garde Kitchen

Renaldas Kaveckas

Welcome to Avant-Garde Kitchen, a website that empowers home cooks.

My name is Renaldas, and I’m a professional chef. Well, I used to be. Now I’m a web publisher. Nevertheless, now I enjoy cooking even more so than I did when I worked as a chef.

But since you landed on this page, I’m sure you want to know more about me and how I am qualified to give you any advice. So let’s begin with a brief journey of my over-decade-long career as a professional chef.

In 2005 a set out on a journey across Europe to learn how to cook. I’m not going to lie; it was hard, especially for a young kid with no experience. But my eagerness to learn propelled my chef’s career fast enough for me to land a good position at a high-end restaurant.

In the begging, I never stayed at one restaurant for more than a year. I wanted to learn as much as possible from different chefs about different cuisines. In twelve years, I moved from one place to another. I was always looking for a better position at more high-end restaurants. And I have to say my enthusiasm was my greatest asset. Soon enough, I was working at some of the best restaurants in London and Copenhagen.

Why I started Avant-Garde Kitchen?

You may ask why did I come up with Avant-Garde Kitchen? Well, my answer is plain and simple. To help you become a better home cook.

My aim here is to help you learn how to cook well. To cook as well as any professional chef ou there. I’ll write in-depth articles on choosing the best high-quality meats, vegetables, spices, and other ingredients. I’ll share with you how to cook with these ingredients. I’ll guide you through how to pick the best cookware for cooking fantastic food. And last but not least, I’ll share with you how to maintain your cookware and kitchenware

Most of the kitchenware on this website I have tested myself. Some items have been tested by my chef colleagues, who I worked with. They were kind enough to provide me with their feedback – which I used to write an article. The reviews are honest and genuine, which should make your purchasing decision much easier, especially when it comes from a community of well-trained chefs.

If you want to get any cooking advise please do not hesitate to contact me via Facebook or email. I’ll make sure to answer as quickly as possible.

What To Do Next?

If you are looking to become a better home cook, I highly suggest you start with my kitchenware guide. You’ll find loads of useful information about best cookware and other kitchen utensilss.